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It is hard to imagine a world without technology. The internet of things and smart devices have made it possible for us to make friends all over the world, visit foreign countries virtually without leaving our homes, stay in touch with loved ones in distant places, and even find a life partner.

We can start and run a business from home, upskill ourselves at the fraction of traditional studying costs, home school our children, furnish our abodes and update our wardrobes with the click of a button.

In an instant, we know what is happening at any time anywhere on the planet, and in space for that matter. Social media campaigns have even toppled dictatorial governments.

Technology has enabled us to get healthier: We can track our diet, count our steps, and manage chronic health condition.

We are connected citizens living in a global village.

The downside of technology

Just like everything in life, technology has a downside. The overuse of digital devices causes a myriad of challenges. When we become too dependent on our online and global connectedness, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is compromised.

We don’t exercise as regularly as we should to live a long and healthy life. We check our phones the minute we wake up and the second before we fall asleep. It has become our best friend and constant companion. We are connected to strangers all over the globe, but our relationships with the real ones around us suffer. Our children don’t optimally develop their social, emotional, intellectual and physical capabilities, and therefore more easily become unhealthy, unbalanced and strangers in the real world.

We feel accepted and loved by the numbers of friends, followers and likes we get. Success is measured by our popularity on social media.

Tearing ourselves away from our screens long enough to do “nothing” and just be is almost unthinkable. Self-reflection has no space in the new world.

The spread of fake news is a new occurrence and we easily get swept up in the hype without being discerning. We have become sheep. We let others and the world think for us, and we follow obediently.

Technology addiction in the connected world

Humans have an innate desire to belong. We want to be liked and accepted. Our self-esteem and self-confidence suffer when we feel that we don’t fit in; that we are not like other people; that we are not good enough.

We get addicted to alcohol, drugs, money, success, our thoughts, sex, shopping, gambling, and sugar to fill the void. We reach for something outside of ourselves in the hope that it will fill the gap and we will feel good enough.

In the modern, connected world, technology has become an addiction. Addiction involves “craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences”. And just like there are signs for other addictions, technology addiction also shows up in specific ways:

Signs of technology addiction

  • You prefer spending time in front of your screen rather than interacting with people or taking care of your responsibilities.
  • You don’t want to disappoint your online friends by stop playing. The ones closest to you come second.
  • The moment you wake up, you check your messages or start playing games.
  • You avoid conflict and real talk.
  • You feel restless, depressed, anxious, moody, or irritable when not online.

Crucial questions to ask yourself about your use of technology

Take a minute for self-reflection and answer the following:

  • Are you conscious of what is happening with you – slowly but surely – in all spheres of your life @home, @school/varsity and @work?
  • Are you aware of the consequences on your health and wellbeing; on your cognitive (academic), physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development?
  • Do you know that there is a strong correlation between the overuse of technology and social media, and the increase in lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2, depression (linked to increase in anxiety and stress), cardiovascular diseases, and cancer?
  • Have you noticed that although you may be virtually connected with more people over time you have become more isolated and disconnected with people in real life?

What does a techno-wise life look like?

Technology is here to stay. We can use it wisely to our advantage and at the same time live a life of purpose with loving relationships with real people.

A healthy, techno-life balance looks like this:

  • Your relationship with family and friends come first.
  • You reserve a certain amount of time per day for technology.
  • You eat, sleep and exercise regularly.
  • Occasionally, you disconnect from technology completely.
  • You use technology to your advantage, but it does not rule your life.
  • You make sure that you and your children keep to the set boundaries.
  • You don’t use your phone, tablet or other screens as baby sitter for your children.

Our Directors

Some Special People From The Industry!

Dr Marlena Kruger

Technology Addiction Expert

Juliana Freeme

Occupational Therapist

Lien Potgieter

Writer and Colour therapist

André Kruger

Professional Banker


Dr Marlena Kruger is the founder of MindUnique Education Pty (Ltd).

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation is a non-profit organisation aiming to raise awareness among young children, teenagers, parents, caregivers, men and women of all ages, and employers and employees of the dangers of technology addiction.

Through workshops, talks, coaching, and online programmes, we train individuals and communities to make smart screen and techno-life choices. Our goal is to help society use technology wisely and to our advantage whilst living a full and happy life.

Dr Marlena Kruger, founder, is passionate about joyful and purposeful living. She believes that the overuse of digital devices and internet addiction pose a real threat to humanity. If we don’t balance technology and real life, we will lose our humanness.

In Marlena’s career as leader, manager and educator with various tertiary institutions spanning 25 years, she became aware of how internet and social media addiction can destroy lives. She also studied the damaging and detrimental effects that technology has on our mind, body and spirit – from toddlers to adults.

To help people cope with this sweeping phenomenon, she developed unique and innovative TechnoLife SMART™ neuro synergetic programmes, based on the “Integrated Techno-life Balance System™”.

She also developed an educational DVD, focusing on the neuroscientific and educational facts and figures of the impact of the misuse of technology on our bodies, minds, and spirit @home, @school/varsity and @work.

Marlena also conceptualised and published two educational children books (available in Afrikaans and English) to sow the seeds of not overusing technology such as TV screens and play stations. In these entertaining and interactive books, she encourages outside play and enjoying nature while learning using our senses and body, whether in formal or informal settings.



Testimonial SAHETI Pre-Primary and Playschool PTA

Thank you so much for this educational talk. Every parent left feeling like they all needed to make changes in their children’s life. I look forward to supporting the Grade 8 challenge.

Chairperson: SAHETI Pre-Primary and Playschool PTA

Testimonial Tshwane University of Technology

We were thrilled to have Marlena as guest speaker at our annual Radiography Prize giving event. Her presentation contributed to the success of this prestigious event! What a wonderful person – her presentation was absolutely professional, exciting and so informative. The examples utilised are applicable to real-life and relatable to current situations. She had an impact on the audience (young and old) and has given them food for thought…and many are requesting her return! I would highly recommend Marlena to any school or organisation.

Dr Marié van der Watt, Senior Lecturer

Testimonial Unika Preprimêr

Baie dankie! Dit was baie insiggewend! Ons waardeer jou insette!

Wilma Steinman en personeel

Testimonial Fontainebleau pre-primêr

Baie dankie vir 'n baie informatiewe en broodnodige praatjie aan ons ouers en onderwyseresse. Ons waardeer die tyd en insette om hierdie feite op so 'n geselstrant aan ons oor te dra. Nogmaals baie dankie!

Cecile Hattingh (Prinsipaal), personeel en ouers

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