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Digitale Welstand

Donderdag 6 Mei 2021 Dr. Marlena Kruger gesels met Johan Rademan en Martelize Brink oor digitale welstand.

Tune Into International Digital Wellness Day!

Read the full article here: https://xtraordinarywomen.com/tune-into-international-digital-wellness-day/

What about human rights when it comes to monstrosities in your suburb

by Viwe Tyolwana Social TV The erection of a huge cell phone mast on a private residential property in Linden, Johannesburg has evoked mixed feelings among residents of this trendy and beloved suburb. Dr Marlena Kruger, a resident of Linden and Integrated Wellness Practitioner and Techno-life coach, is one of the Read More…

Why and how to tear your children away from screens

Across South Africa parents are desperately looking for ways to tear their children away from the screens and let them rediscover good, old-fashioned play. In fact, my own children turn to me for advice about how to get their kids moving and exploring the world. This is quite ironic as Read More…

Dr Kruger raises awareness about dangers of children’s overexposure to technology

The effect of the overuse of technology on humanity

Dr Marlena Kruger, is an Integrated Wellness Practitioner and Techno-life coach, and founder of the TechnoLife Wise Foundation. Www.social-tv.co.za chats about the effect of the overuse of technology on humanity.

First ever South African Techno-impact Summit to be held in September

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation will be hosting the first ever Techno-impact Virtual Summit: Humanity, Health and Happiness from 16 to 22 September 2020. The aim of the summit is to make young and old aware of the impact of the overuse of technology on humanity and happiness, as well as the associated Read More…

Six practical ways to reduce EMF exposure

It is predicted that 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things (IoT) in 2020, according to the blogsite techjury.net. This means that humans are more exposed to electromagnetic field and frequency (EMF) radiation than ever before in the history of planet earth.   EMF, also called Read More…

Electro-pollution and humanity: Act now or behold!

You cannot see it with the naked eye, but electro pollution is real. Also known as electrosmog, it is a high environmental risk that exposes humans to harmful, manmade and unnatural electromagnetic field and frequency (EMF) radiation. “This type of ‘smoke’ is emitted by computers, mobile phones, cell phone masts Read More…

Survive or thrive: Now with 5G and COVID-19?

Amidst the chaos of Covid-19, we have also been offered an unprecedented opportunity to reflect, reset and realise what is truly important and where we have been chasing the wind. “Many of my friends and family members have told me that during lockdown they have become more relaxed, focused and Read More…

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