Absenteeism and Productivity

Absenteeism and Productivity

The age of connectedness has brought many exceptional advantages to the workplace. Employees can work remotely, we have Skype meetings with people from all over the world, and our processes are automated to save time and money. However, the impact on humans have not been all that positive. We have become socially award, easily distracted, non-committal, and want instant results, experience, and promotions. And every day, it is becoming harder to make TechnoLife Wise choices.

The number of sick days that employees take are on the increase. More people are booked off for mental health reasons. Absenteeism is on the rise and productivity on the decline. And the cause: Technology addiction.

How does technology addiction affect productivity at work?

Several reasons related to the overuse of technology are sited to impact how effective people are at work:

  • Internet addiction physically changes the structure of the brain. It affects the grey and white matter in the prefrontal brain. This part of the brain is associated with attention, planning, remembering of details, and ordering duties and tasks. If a technology addiction has changed your brain you will battle to prioritise your work and life responsibilities.
  • We are easily distracted. The moment your phone beeps you leave everything and check. Whether it is a Facebook post like, a Whatsapp message, a notification that you have reached your
  • Our attention span is dropping. The brain can only process so much information at any given time. If you overload it by multitasking, your ability to focus become less.
  • Instant gratification is the new patience. We send a text or e-mail and get an instant answer. We search for information and Google responds on the spot. If we don’t get an immediate response at work, we get desponded, distracted, and even angry. The result is that we lose interest and momentum.

Have you noticed a decrease in productivity and an increase in absenteeism among your employees? We can help!

We offer consultations, evaluations and coaching, as well as life-transforming and holistic TechnoLife SMART™ programmes.

You can also book Dr Marlena Kruger, Technology Addiction Expert, today to talk with parents, educators and decision-makers at your school, church group or any other organisation.


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