Digital Dementia

Digital Dementia

This term has been coined by a German a neuroscientist, Dr. Manfred Spritzer in 2015 based on his research proving the breakdown of cognitive function (including capability to remember facts, etc.) related to the overuse of technology.


Many people and most children are overwhelmed and addicted to the overstimulated world of technology and social media; their brains and bodies are getting tired and drained and they experience i.e. Digital Dementia. All the screen interactions leave us much more stressed, anxious and depressed instead of being invigorated and uplifted. Instead of being full of vitality, creativity and joyful, many humans are becoming dumb, numb and just want more instant gratification and technology fixes. We need to start encouraging and mentor each other to become pro-active by developing our distinctive human knowledge, skills and characters so that we will be healthy and real-world-ready humans for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Only if we maintain our distinctive humanness with all the human skills well-developed to master TechnoLife Wellness, we will not be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.

Have you noticed a decline in your cognitive abilities? We can help!

We offer consultations, evaluations and coaching, as well as life-transforming and holistic TechnoLife SMART™ programmes.

You can also book Dr Marlena Kruger, Technology Addiction Expert, today to talk with parents, educators and decision-makers at your school, church group or any other organisation.


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