Dr Travis Mitchell & Dr Janique Belli

I was 16 when I discovered my passion for Chiropractic – and for the first time in my life I was driven and had the focus required to achieve. As a high school dropout I had to finish my schooling before being able to study further so I attended night school, and after graduating I enrolled for Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg.

Having never achieved anything academically, studying Chiropractic was quite a challenge but I graduated in 2004 with a Master’s Degree and a distinction for my thesis – which I had the privilege to publish and present internationally.

After graduating I travelled to Dubai, U.A.E where I set up a Chiropractic department in a Multi-disciplinary Traditional and Complimentary Centre owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. This provided an amazing opportunity for me to gain valuable experience in integrative health and wellness medicine.

My clinical interest is in family Chiropractic care. I provide assistance to all members of a family, “Big and small, we care for them all”. I respect the human body’s ability to heal itself when provided with the right tools and support – and this is applicable at any age! I know that true Health and Happyness is possible.

I love to share my experiences and understandings of Chiropractic, health and life. So separately I provide continual health and wellness promotion to anyone listening. I express straightforward concepts that are both easily digestible and thought provoking. I have written numerous articles for various media publications, been interviewed on radio and provide an email based newsletter and a blog – click here to subscribe. I will find any opportunity to tell my story if it will inspire you.

My second love is my family. I am continually inspired and fuelled by my wonderful and supporting wife and beautiful son.

I look forward to walking with you as we aspire the world to greatness!




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Born and raised in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg, it was at the age of six when my parents divorced causing me to experience an emotional set back. I followed through a variety of schools to find myself. I found it necessary to have teachers who had the patience to answer the questions those in my past would not afford me. Thus, this time allowed me to rebuild that trust between facilitator and student.

I was then enrolled into one of South Africa’s prestigious girls’ school on the East Rand – St Andrew’s, which has a community service requirement in order for the girls to shadow different careers and find out where they would like to fit into the world. It was through this that I found my passion for wanting to help take care of people to the best of my abilities. This lead me to chiropractic and once I had done my research on it and paying a visit to a chiropractor, was when I had fallen in love. I am grateful for having had this opportunity as it provided me the guidance I required to walk on the path I have travelled to lead me to right here and right now.

Near the end of my studies, I was unsure of what to do in advancing myself within the Chiropractic practice. I began to research various other established Chiropractors in search of a mentor; someone who would guide me both professionally and personally. It was in this time that I was referred to Dr. Travis.  Dr. Travis showed me completely different techniques, mechanics, disciplines and philosophies that the chiropractic profession consists of and this intrigued me massively.

I am honoured to be standing alongside Dr. Travis, learning the fundamentals of Chiropractic practices in its truest form – I am enthusiastic to learn more from him and I look forward to serving our community in health and happyness.

“The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits. It’s then about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives.” Unknown


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