We need to be better informed, either by ourselves or by government and telecoms companies in order to protect ourselves from harm. This is happening every day when we are overexposed by 4G and Wi-Fi electromagnetic waves such as 4G (not to even think of all the horrific consequences on human wellness when 5G will be rolled out all in the name of innovation, progress and faster access and speeds). To ensure that we are functioning as humans, we will have to balance and curb our use of all types of screens and devices. Boundaries, discipline and well-informed decisions to strike a balance are how we restore the pace and peace of our lives, so that we are living as happy and well-balanced people.

Many people are not informed about 4G and 5G-related research because technology is moving so fast and grow too quickly and exponentially. However, although this may be the jargon that is often used, there is more than enough research accessible on the web (that is not industry-funded), which are giving us an in-depth analysis of the measurable biological effects on different systems in our body.  It may seem as if the government, big IT and telecom companies are not clued up (including many people at the World Economic Forum (WEF) or they are just ignoring or not willing to inform us about the challenges, symptoms and consequences of the Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G-exposure on people, especially children. They are too much focussed on innovation and all the wonderful new developments and opportunities that are created at the same time, they don’t want to accept that we live in a world where we’re constantly exposed to wavelengths researchers say are safe for 6 minutes only. In other words, our world is getting more polluted with dangerous radiation to human health and wellness every day, but this pollution is invisible to the human eye except for all the steel structures with huge dishes – the cell phone towers, masts and small boxes that are attached to lamp poles without us noticing them or being informed of the impact of all this electromagnetic radiation that includes a wide range of frequencies that are having a negative impact on the functioning of our bodies.

An increased number of people worldwide are being diagnosed as being Electrohypersensitivity. The following symptoms are associated with this reality in today’s techno-addicted world and an environment immersed in increased man-made and dangerous electromagnetic radiation:

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