International insurers and health reports

a) I am aware that Lloyds London has already decided in 2015 that they don’t cover these risks.

 2015 Lloyds quietly excludes EMF liability from their insurance policies

In 2015 The General Exclusions section of their Canadian ProSurance Architects & Engineers Policy Document places EMF on the same footing as Asbestos:  a total exclusion on liability for all types of EMF radiation.  Lloyds has ceased to provide any liability insurance for the potential health effects of EMF.  Lloyds of London is known for accepting the highest level of risks in liability insurance and when they create an exclusion, that exclusion is generally accepted by the entire insurance industry.

b) Also, Swiss Re has moved EMF radiation to its highest risk.

c) Already In Dec 2010, published by Sabinet.

“Speaking at the recent Santam Ecocentric Journey conference, Basil Palmer, CEO of Stalker Hutchison Admiral, provided a sobering insight into the effects of technology on people and the potential impact on public liability in the future.”

In South Africa Mr Basil Palmer, the now-retired CEO of South Africa’s biggest reinsurer (A reinsurance company is one that insures the insurance industry for unforeseen circumstances). These were his talking points at a conference in 2009. 

Global warming is destroying our planet, but is technology destroying our people?

Basil Palmer from Stalker Hutchison Admiral, South Africa’s leading liability underwriters: Running parallel to this climate change phenomenon is an unseen, untouchable & unknown danger. This could affect millions of people, businesses, economies and governments & our entire world if not addressed.
I refer of course to:
– increased electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
– Increased exposure to microwaves & radiation levels Cellphone radiation killing you or simply scaremongering/page10

d) An Austrian Insurance company’s report of biological (non-thermal) effects – already in 2009 and updated in 2016:

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