Dangers of tech babysitters for your children

Upcoming launch event for parents who wish to learn more about the dangers that smartphones bring to children with calls.

Marlena Kruger founder of TechnoLife Wise Foundation launches the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ pledge appeal at Roosevelt High School. Photo: Emliy Wellman Bain

Marlena Kruger is the founder of the TechnoLife Wise Foundation which raises awareness of the effects that ‘the overuse of technology has on our body, hearts, minds, and souls’. The power of their work sits in the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ motto where parents are advised to only provide their children with phones that have access to the internet and social media after they turn 14.

Continuing her passion work, she is inviting parents to join the newly formed Association for Digital Well-being and Neuro-education (ADWAN) as it launches next week.

“The dramatic transformation of our world into one increasingly immersed with digital technology is having a significant, and unfortunately often a negative, impact on the lives of our children.”

“We need to keep raising the awareness of these fundamental rights for children, and create a supportive hub to empower parents, educators and stakeholders to stop giving cellphones, tablets and laptops to underaged children as tech-babysitters.”

She says there are many non-profit organisations and thousands of medical, scientific, and legal professionals from around the world who are already supporting the International Declaration on the Rights of Children in the Digital Age (www.thechildrensdeclaration.org).

“The misuse of these devices is stealing our babies and children’s critical learning and development time. Would you give alcohol or drugs to your under-aged children? If not, why would you then give addictive mobile digital devices to your under-aged children?”

The ADWAN launch and seminar will be held online on February 22 at 20:00 and will cost R100 which also gives a three-month free membership to ADWAN.

If you would like to learn more about the foundation or to register for the launch and summit, visit www.technolifewise.org/events.

Kruger can also be contacted via email at marlena@mindunique.co.za.

Source: Dangers of tech babysitters for your children | Northcliff Melville Times (citizen.co.za)

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