Techno-life Balance: SMARTER 2B WISER!

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This Webinar is for you if
# You are struggling to live a healthy well-balanced life with technology and social

About the Presenter
Dr Marlena Kruger is an international and national awards winner, TEDx-speaker, author, an integrated health practitioner and techno-life coach. She is a firm believer that all people are wonderfully created with a lot of untapped possibilities. She empowers people to grow and develop the necessary knowledge and skills in a holistic and well-balanced way in all areas of their lives to thrive in a techno-driven world. She has developed an “Integrated Techno-life Balance System®” and implements creative neuro-synergetic principles and life-saving techno-life hacks to transform lives to experience overall health, balance and well-being – wherever you are!

“Surround yourself ONLY with people who are going to take you higher”
Oprah Winfrey

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