Are you making technolife wise choices in our digital-saturated and screen-obsessed culture?

In the modern world, digital devices, apps, games, and screens are part of our daily lives. So, it is easy to become “addicted” to technology. However, few of us are aware of the impact of technology on our human values (humanity) and quality of life. It is essential that we choose wisely to live a purposeful life. This short self-test helps you to assess whether you make wise technolife choices. Please note that this test does not diagnose any illness and should not replace specialist medical intervention or prescription.

Complete the abbreviated survey to create your Technolife SMART Profile™

a) Read each statement carefully and click the option that applies best to you. b) Think of your daily and weekly routines when you choose the option. c) After finishing the test, add up your points and multiply it by two to get the total. d) Then read the comments under the general scale to help interpret your score. Statements for self-assessment and reflection Self-Test After you have completed the online survey TechnoLife SMART Profile™ read the interpretation for some additional insight. Scoring Thank you for taking the test!


After you have identified the category that fits your total score, have another look at those statements for which you scored a 4 or 5. Did you realise this specific area in your life was a significant challenge for you? There are probably more areas and elements in your life contributing towards negative outcomes and experiences. However, you cannot change any behaviours if you are not aware of the specific factors that impact you negatively. If you can’t cope anymore, and you have lost yourself and your loved ones because of today’s selfie-sickness and techno-connected-madness, do not wait a second longer! Make an appointment with Dr Marlena Kruger, technology addiction expert, today. She will help you master a technolife balance. We offer holistic life-transforming programmes to empower you to master technolife balance while making technolife wise choices daily @ home, @ school/varsity and @ work.

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