Invitation to Self-Test

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the balanced and wise use of technology and social media, and its impact on all aspects of your wellbeing! When we don’t scrutinise the time we spend in the digital world, we can easily get addicted. We can also waste many precious hours on something that is not adding any value, meaning or quality to our own and our loved ones’ lives.

The internet, technology, and more specific video games (including educational games) are purposefully designed to addict, interrupt, and distract people’s focus and attention from other more important and meaningful things. These include real-life relationships, and social, emotional, physical, and sensory development, as well as lifelong learning and growth.

You may not even realise that some areas of your life are out of balance and therefore you don’t experience harmonised energy to ensure you are a happy and well-balanced human being who enjoy living a purposeful and meaningful life.

Voluntary participation

With our self-test, we don’t need any identifying information from you.

We don’t require your personal details and therefore the survey is completely anonymous and entirely voluntarily. If you don’t want to continue with the survey, you can just close your Internet browser to end it. Your individual responses will not be publicly available. You will be able to receive your scoring key for the profile from Dr Marlena Kruger or one of her associate researchers after you have completed the survey.

Please put your request to us via our contact form

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of his or her balanced and wise use of technology and social media, and their overall wellbeing in different integrated areas of their life can complete the shortened version or full length TechnoLife SMART Profile™.

How long will it take?

The shortened version should not take you longer than 5 minutes, although you are also welcome to write comments at each statement. Please keep record of your own choices and associated scores to be able to get your total score after you have completed the survey, in case the computer does not give it to you.

Benefits and risks

There are no risks attached to the completion of the survey, because you are not providing any personal information. This shortened version will only give you a superficial, but holistic overview of the status of your TechnoLife SMART profile™.

Your comments will contribute to a better understanding of your unique way of interacting with technology and social media, and its impact on your overall wellbeing. With further research, this knowledge will facilitate and improve the design and implementation of more effective and appropriate programmes and services to support and maintain healthy individuals.

Feedback to participants

Over time, a copy of our research will be available to all participants upon request. Please put your request to us via our contact form


The security of your personal information is important. A third party web-based service operated by SurveyMonkey in the USA will be used for conducting surveys, although the data will be controlled by our team. SurveyMonkey follows generally accepted and high standards to protect personal information using secure socket layer technology. If you want to read more on SurveyMonkey and their Privacy Policy, please visit their website at Please also ensure the security of your own computer system to add to the protection of your personal information.

Storage of data

All data will be stored according to ethical industry standards and regulations, and will be kept on the premises of the TechnoLife SMART Centre (TLC)™in a locked cupboard or filing cabinet for five years. Electronic data will be password protected and stored on a password-protected computer. Only the researchers will have access to this information and these passwords. A report of the study may be submitted for publication or presentation at conferences and seminars, but no individual participant will be identifiable in such a report.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions about the survey, contact our lead researcher, Dr Marlena Kruger at

Participation invitation and thank you!

If you consent, we thank you in advance for your valuable participation and time to contribute towards this body of knowledge on the holistic impact of the overuse of technology and social media on the wellbeing of us as wonderful and complex human beings!

Online Survey otherwise close this window in your browser. If you want to come back and complete the survey at another time, please do not hesitate and feel welcome – we value your time and contributions!

Have a wonderful and splendid day!

The research team

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