Mobile phone ban reaps rewards at Roosevelt High School


Pledge appeal launched at Roosevelt High School to encourage the restriciton of smart phone use in learners.

October 24, 2022

 Roosevelt High School deputy principal Henk Ferreira speaks about the unintended dangers of letting children use smartphones. Photo: Emily Wellman Bain

Roosevelt High School has been a place of learning uninterrupted by the use of cell phones since 2016.

It was therefore the perfect launch pad for Marlena Kruger, founder TechnoLife Wise Foundation and Lien Potgieter, to launch their appeal to teachers, learners and parents to use technology responsibly.

Kruger raises awareness of the effects that ‘the overuse of technology has on our body, hearts, minds and souls’. The power of their works sits in the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ motto where parents are advised to only provide their children with phones that have access to the internet and social media after they turn 14.

Founder of TechnoLife Wise Foundation Marlena Kruger and Lien Potgieter launch the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ pledge appeal at Roosevelt High School. Photo: Emliy Wellman Bain

She reiterates that most platforms have a joining minimum age of 13, which many parents ignore, but they are there for a reason. She described the horrors of online sexual predators and people who target children specifically for terrible reasons.

Speaking at the event, she said, “We all love technology, but social media, especially, is designed to addict and distract the user. Overuse of it makes us slack, dumb and numb.”

Lien Potgieter, Marlena Kruger and Roosevelt High School deputy principal Henk Ferreira after the launch of the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ pledge of TechnoLife Wise Foundation. Photo: Emily Wellman Bain

School principal Willie de Wet spoke about the many advantages they have seen since they implemented their cellphone policy. “Learners are concentrating more, during breaks they play with each other rather than sit alone looking at their screens and bullying has seen a sharp decline.”

He described the ban as something that had to be done out of necessity. He described theft of phones, vandalism and cyberbullying as very real threats to the school community, much of which has completely stopped.

Deputy principal Henk Ferreira said, “If we don’t take action, we are going to lose an entire generation of children. We are extremely excited to form this partnership and hope other schools will join TechnoLife and take the pledge.”

Marlena Kruger founder TechnoLife Wise Foundation launches the ‘Wait until Grade 8’ pledge appeal at Roosevelt High School. Photo: Emliy Wellman Bain

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