No phones at school

The school principal from Roosevelt High School, Willie de Wet said that they have seen many advantages since implementing their cell phone policy.” Learners are concentrating more, during the breaks they play with each other rather than sitting alone looking at their screens and bullying has seen a sharp decline”.

He described the ban as something that had to be done out of necessity. He told theft of phones, vandalism and cyberbullying as very real threats to the school community, much of which has completely stopped.

Deputy principal, Henk Ferreira said at the launch of the Active Digital Wellness initiative that includes the “Wait until Grade 8 Challenge”, “If we don’t take action, we are going to lose an entire generation of children. We are extremely excited to form this partnership and hope other schools and parents will join TechnoLife Wise and take the pledge as well as implement a “No phones at school” policy”. We are here to help you. 

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