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The TechnoLife Wise Foundation has joined the worldwide movement of raising more awareness among young and old against the overuse of technology and social media. We are on a mission to equip children and adults with the necessary digital literacy skills and human wise values to create a more balanced lifestyle and healthy relationships. 

I’m sure you have noticed the following behaviours at your school:

  1. Children are more focused on cell phones than interacting with friends.
  2. Educators struggle with class control and concentration of learners.
  3. Learners and staff spend too much time on cell phones during class time and intervals.
  4. The overuse of cell phones, tablets and social media are often the reason for learners not reaching their full potential

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation has a unique, interactive approach to teaching the balance between technology and real life: A puppet show!

Puppets, books, songs and interactive activities are put to creative use to teach learners to manage their digital identity, privacy, security and footprint as well as fostering human values and attitudes.

We would love to bring the Amazing Adventures of Corpi and Calossi to your school!

How it works

You indicate your interest in equipping your learners with skills to thrive in the digital world.
Together we decide on a date and time to bring the puppet show to your school. The show will be presented from the second semester, on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 09:00 and 12:00, and the puppet show is 30 minutes for juniors and 45 minutes for seniors.

Remember, parents are welcome too!

E-mail us now with three suitable dates at info@technolifewise.org and then we will confirm a space for you!


When you book the puppet show, we donate 10 copies of our delightful educational children books as well as a set of graded activity sheets as well as two DVDs. These will enhance the internalisation of core principles covered during our show.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Between 9:00 – 12:00

Length of puppet show

Juniors – 30 minutes

Seniors – 45 minutes


Any donation or sponsorship will be appreciated to cover the minimum cost of R5 000. Every R500 helps as we are a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO nr: 930061987)!  

Hurry up! Book today to bring the Amazing Adventures of Corpi and Calossi to your school!

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