Dr Marlena Kruger

Technology Addiction Expert

Dr Marlena Kruger, Technology Addiction Expert, is the founder of MindUnique Education and its Corporate Social Responsibility partner, TechnoLife Wise Foundation. During Marlena’s career in different roles with various tertiary institutions spanning 25 years, she became aware of how internet and social media addiction can destroy lives. She also studied the damaging and detrimental effects that technology has on our brain and bodies – from toddlers to adults.

Marlena developed the unique and innovative holistic Technolife Smart programmes, based on the “Integrated Techno-life Balance System™, as well as an educational DVD focusing on the neuroscientific and educational facts of the impact of the misuse of technology on our bodies, minds, and spirit @home, @school/varsity and @work.

In her spare time, Marlena likes to getting out in nature and being active. She likes playing tennis, hiking, camping, birding, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

If you Have Any Questions Email Us hello@technolifewise.org

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