Dr Marlena Kruger

Technology Addiction Expert

Dr Marlena Kruger is a Digital Wellness expert and coach.

She is the CEO and founder of MindUnique Education and its corporate social responsibility partner, the TechnoLife Wise Foundation.

She is a qualified radiographer who studied further in Education. She received her doctoral degree in the Psychology of Education from the Rand Afrikaans University, nowadays, University of Johannesburg.

During Marlena’s career in different roles with various tertiary institutions in South Africa spanning more than 25 years, she has realised how the overuse of the internet and social media destroys children’s happy and healthy-balanced development and learning. Since leaving the formal world of work, she has been studying the damaging effects that too much screen time and technology, including manmade EMFs coming from wireless devices, have on the brain and body.

She is a multiple international and national award winner, and a TEDx and motivational speaker. She has authored many scientific articles as well as several books. She has had many different media engagements over the past years, focusing on a wide range of screen addiction and related digital wellness topics. The focus of her work is to empower parents and people to work together to protect and nurture our vulnerable children and future.

The campaigns of the Foundation: “Wait until Grade 8 and No cell phones at school” is her brainchild. The focus of the “Wait until Grade 8” campaign is to empower parents to stand together to say Yes to waiting for the smartphone. This entails that parents delay giving children a smartphone until at least grade 8. By acting together, this will decrease the pressure felt by kids and parents alike over the kids having a smartphone with access to the internet and social media. All social media apps have age restrictions for their use until at least the age of 13 years for e.g., Facebook and even 16 years for WhatsApp.

They launched the No cell phones at School campaign in September 2022 in partnership with Roosevelt High School.

She has developed a range of EMF protective products, called WoWe® to create a World of Well-being and Wellness.

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