Dr Marlena Kruger

Technology Addiction Expert

Dr Marlena Kruger, Digital Wellness Expert, is the founder of MindUnique Education and its Corporate Social Responsibility partner, TechnoLife Wise Foundation. During Marlena’s career in different roles with various tertiary institutions spanning more than 25 years, she became aware of how the overuse of the internet and social media can destroy children’s health and their balanced learning and development time. She also studies the damaging and detrimental effects that technology, including manmade EMFs coming from our wireless devices, have on our brain and bodies – from babies, toddlers to adults.

She is a multiple international and national award winner, a TEDx and motivational speaker. She has authored many scientific and published articles as well as several books. She has had many different media engagements over the past years, focussing on a wide range of screen addiction and related topics. These interviews focused mostly on the harmful impact of the overuse of screens on our children’s healthy and natural learning and development – whether its cognitive, emotional, social, physical or spiritual aspects. The most important of it all is to encourage all parents and role models to work together to prevent these types of disorders.

She is the brain child of the most exciting and newest initiative of the TechnoLife Wise Foundation: “Wait until Grade 8 – no cell phones” or “Wag tot Graad 8 – geen selfone”. The foundation also partnered with the Roosevelt High School to implement a policy of “No cell phones at school” to nurture and protect our vulnerable children against e.g., distraction, cyberbullying, sexting, pornography and many other social and physical harm.

Marlena and André raised three young men, of which all are married with gorgeous wives. They also have five grandchildren.

In her spare time, Marlena likes to getting out in nature and being active. She likes playing tennis, hiking, camping, birding, listening to music and spending valuable time with family and friends.

If you Have Any Questions Email Us hello@technolifewise.org

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