The Children’s Declaration

To All Concerned about Children’s Well-being in the Digital Age, please consider signing and sharing: “The International Declaration on the Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age”

An international group of leading lawyers, physicians, physicists, epidemiologists, and other children’s health experts, have announced their support for a new International Declaration intended to raise public awareness of fundamental rights of children which are not adequately being protected: the right to be free from addictive platforms and apps; the right to be free from hazardous radiation from wireless devices; and the right to be free from commercial exploitation of private information.

Together we will be highlighting to the United Nations the legal, health, and scientific experts, as well as child advocates who sign. That said, signatures from the general public are essential to show strong support. So please EVERYONE sign on! And share widely!!!

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List of expert Signatories thus far:

The First International Webinar on Children in the Digital Age:

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