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Wait until Grade 8

before you give your child a smartphone

By signing this pledge, you promise not to give your child a smartphone until at least 8th grade or 14 years.

If you would like your child to have a basic phone that just calls and texts, you still can sign the pledge! The basic phone with no internet access and social media avoids many of the distractions and dangers of the smartphone. 

The TechnoLife Wise Foundation will email you and the other parents who have signed in your school or community (according to postal code) to connect you with other parents by email. This helps you to support one another.

There is strength in numbers! 


This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for the TechnoLife Wise Foundation. We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. 

We will not sell or rent your contact information to anyone. 

We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organisation. Your information will not be made public on this website.

However, we will share only the names and email addresses of the parents in the same school and/or community according to postal codes to be linked together in groups.

This will enable you to connect with other like-minded parents and champions in your area.

Guidelines for signing the pledge

  • Any parent or guardian who have one child or more children from birth to 18 years old are welcome to sign the pledge.

  • Please sign up each of your children in pre-primary, primary or high school. To add another child to a pledge form, please select “add another student” on the form.

  • Since parents are linked to peers in their school or community if and when they want to meet in person, it is important to complete all the open fields on the form.
  • Please enter the full name of your school and indicate clearly whether it is a pre-primary, primary or high school. Please be as specific as possible here and avoid any acronyms.
  • Currently, we focus on taking pledges from South Africa, but you are welcome to take the pledge from any other country in Africa or the world.

Sign the pledge!

Parent pledge

I agree not to give my child a smartphone until at least grade 8 or 14 years old.

Please complete both parts (Parent and learner’s pledge) of the form by filling in all the blank spaces and select the applicable options.

Also indicate your preferable role.

Only if school name will change, otherwise enter the same school’s name for current and next school.

You will see a confirmation message upon signing the pledge.

Please tell your friends and family about the pledge too!

Check out our Wait until grade 8 Resources page for a comprehensive support hub to help guide you in championing the pledge.

There is strength in numbers! Let us act together to make a positive difference in our children’s lives!


To share the pledge with more families, we need your help and financial contribution.

For every R100 receive, we are able to help one to two more families delay the smartphone for their children and help more kids to enjoy a kid’s life for longer.

Please make a positive difference today!

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