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In September 2020, the TechnoLife Wise Foundation hosted South Africa’s first ever Techno-impact Virtual Summit: Humanity, Health and Happiness.

The aim of the summit was to make young and old aware of the effect of the overuse of technology on humanity and happiness, as well as the associated impact on our health because of the exposure to different levels and frequencies of unnatural electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.   

To celebrate this one-year anniversary, the TechnoLife Wise Foundation will be making available all the summit interview videos on its website for free until the end of September this year. The two ebooks – The Impact of Exposure to Screens on Young Children and Techno-Life Hacks to Raise Happy, Healthy Children – that the Foundation published during this time will also be available at a 50% discount.

Says Dr Marlena Kruger, Johannesburg-based digital wellness and screen addiction expert, “We want as many people as possible to know how the overuse of technology can make you physically and mentally ill. For this reason, we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to listen to what physiotherapists, occupational therapists, optometrists, and legal experts have to say about overexposure to screens and how it affects humans.  

“And yes, there is information about this subject everywhere, but not many people know that South Africa has their own experts in the field and that you can book consultations and assessments to get advice and coaching, as well as medical scans to determine just how much you or your loved ones are affected by electro-pollution,” says Dr Kruger.

“The TechnoLife Wise Foundation would like to invite all parents, caregivers and people who are passionate about health and happiness to make us of this free offer and get empowered with practical knowledge so that you can find that healthy balance between life and technology for your own good,” concludes Dr Kruger.  

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EMF Radiation Safety Day is celebrated annually on 22 September in honour of Michael Faraday, an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Faraday was born on 22 September 1791. Faraday invented the Faraday cage, an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. The goals of this day are to bring awareness to EMF radiation, which is a force that a growing number of people are concerned about, but often do not understand and to empower people to take control over their exposure to EMF radiation.


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