Juliana Freeme

Occupational Therapist

Juliana Freeme is an occupational therapist, and has been a lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand since 2006. She obtained a master of science in occupational therapy in the field of neurosciences in 2011.

Her mission is to help people find meaning and balance in their daily lives, despite disability, environmental barriers, and injustices. She is also a passionate mentor of young students who are struggling to navigate themselves through life’s complicated obstacles, while trying to cope with studying and balancing all other demands.

Juliana is a mother of a seven- and eight-year-old boy, and has had first-hand experience of the threat and danger of screen time and the effect of it on development in her young children. Her motivation for becoming involved in the foundation is to play a significant role in helping others find balance and meaning in the activities they participate in, which will hopefully contribute to our society being a happy and healthy one.

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